Controlling your MamaRoo® Through Amazon Alexa

Now that you’ve connected your smart home device to your MamaRoo, it’s time to test it out! Use the below phrases to control your MamaRoo through your Amazon Alexa.

Need an example to get started? Try this:

  1. Alexa, Turn ON MamaRoo
  2. Alexa, set MamaRoo to Car Ride
  3. Alexa, set MamaRoo to speed Two
  4. Alexa, set MamaRoo sound to Nature
  5. Alexa, set MamaRoo level to Three



  • Alexa, Turn ON MamaRoo
  • Alexa, Turn OFF MamaRoo


When setting a motion immediately after turning your MamaRoo ON, the speed will also turn on, and default to one.

  • Alexa, set MamaRoo to <Car Ride, Kangaroo, Tree Swing, Rockabye, Wave>
  • Alexa, set MamaRoo to <Next, Previous> motion


  • Alexa, set MamaRoo to speed <One, Two, Three, Four, Five>
  • Alexa, <Increase, Decrease> MamaRoo speed
    • When utilizing this command, your MamaRoo will only increase or decrease by 1 speed.


  • Alexa, set MamaRoo sound to <Playful Melody, Brown Noise, Nature, Soothing Melody>
  • Alexa, set MamaRoo to the <Next, Previous> sound
  • Alexa, turn MamaRoo sound OFF


In this phrase, “level” refers to the sound level, or volume, that MamaRoo sounds will play.

  • Alexa, set MamaRoo level to <One, Two, Three, Four>
  • Alexa, <Increase, Decrease> MamaRoo level

Turn on a Preset

Select from one of the three presets you have already set for your MamaRoo within the 4moms app.

  • Alexa, set MamaRoo preset to <One, Two, Three>

Set a Timer

Your Amazon Alexa will only recognize time in minutes when setting a timer for your MamaRoo.

  • Alexa, set MamaRoo shutdown time to <# of Minutes>

Lock or Unlock the Control Panel

Using “Disable” in this phrase will lock the control panel and prevent curious siblings or pets from making changes to the MamaRoo settings.

  • Alexa, set MamaRoo control panel to <Disable/Enable>

When your MamaRoo control panel is disabled or “locked,” the lock icon on the control panel will illuminate blue. You can manually unlock or lock the control panel at any time by pressing and holding the motion icon that is illuminated blue for 5 seconds.