General Usage

Does the high chair fold?

No, the high chair does not fold.

Does the harness convert to three-point?

Yes, the shoulder straps can be removed.

Are the high chair accessories microwave safe?

The high chair accessories are not recommended for microwave use.

Magnet interference with cell phone or credit cards

The high chair was tested with cell phones and credit cards. The magnets had no negative affect on either.

Shoulder straps are too short

The earliest high chairs manufactured had shorter straps. 4moms Customer Care can gather information to determine if your high chair is among those. If so, longer replacement straps are available, please contact us to learn more. 

How to remove the foam seat insert

Pull each of the restraint straps and buckles (two shoulder, two waist, and lower buckle) through the foam insert individually. The foam insert will lift out of the seat.

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