Find Your Roo®

What is Find Your Roo?

You’ve got the moves. Whether you’re bouncing and swinging to entertain a fussy baby, or you’re calmly soothing and swaying to lull your little one to sleep, you know which moves your baby likes and how to keep them happy. ​

Currently in a beta phase, Find Your Roo on the 4moms app takes the guesswork out of finding the right MamaRoo settings for your baby, whatever their mood. Simply move with the phone in your arms, and the app will tell you which Roo motion & speed combinations are most like your own.​

Find Your Roo helps to make that transition from your arms to the MamaRoo Swing or MamaRoo Sleep Bassinet seamless.

Can I use the Find Your Roo feature on both the MamaRoo Multi-Motion Baby Swing and the MamaRoo Sleep Bassinet?

Yes - Find Your Roo is available on both the swing and the bassinet

Can I use the Find Your Roo feature on my MamaRoo4 or older model MamaRoo?

Yes, if your MamaRoo has the ability to connect via Bluetooth to the 4moms app (Model 1037 and Model 1046) you can use the Find Your Roo feature. Make sure that you have the most recent version of the 4moms app downloaded to your phone.

Will Find Your Roo mimic my exact motion on my MamaRoo?

No - Find Your Roo will not mimic your exact motion. It will provide two recommendations from the 5 existing, unique MamaRoo motions and speeds that are closest to your own.

I can't find Find Your Roo in my app? Where is it?

First, make sure that you've downloaded the most recent 4moms app. Click on the menu in the upper left hand corner of the app and you can click into Find Your Roo from there. Or, if your MamaRoo Baby Swing or MamaRoo Sleep Bassinet is paired to the app, simply click on the motion icon in the bottom right hand corner to access the Find Your Roo button.

I keep getting an error message - "Incorrect movements" or "Unable to determine the type of movement"

Hit 'Try Again' and make sure to position your phone flat in your arms and ensure you are moving for a minimum of three seconds.​

What is Roo history?

On the Start page, you can click into your Roo History (bottom of page), which will list your results from previous Find Your Roo sessions. You can rename or delete these by clicking on the three dots next to the specific motion.

Where can I give my feedback about Find Your Roo?

Thank you! Yes, Find Your Roo is still in its beta phase, so please keep your feedback coming. Send your thoughts to