mamaRoo infant seat Troubleshooting

Unit has stopped moving and/or LCD screen is flashing

An obstruction has occurred, blocking the movement of the mamaRoo infant seat. Clear the obstruction and press play to resume.

Unit is displaying obstruction error

Try plugging your mamaRoo infant seat into a different outlet; sometimes this can clear the error. The error may also be the result of use with a baby over the 25 pound weight limit or if the baby is able to sit unaided. Stop use immediately.

Unit will not play built-in sounds

The built-in sounds won’t play when the MP3 cord is plugged into your device, so make sure the cord is unplugged. If that’s not the issue, make sure the volume is not muted.

Unit is powered on but not moving

Please confirm you are using the original 4moms labeled power cord that came with the mamaRoo infant seat. Other power cords will allow the seat to power on and play music, but the seat will not move and may display an error message. If you do not have the original power cord, a replacement can be purchased here .

Unit will not play from music-playing device

Try adjusting the volume on the music playing device. If it still doesn't work, check to make sure the MP3 cord is plugged in completely on both ends.

Unit is sparking

The sparks you’re noticing when plugging the mamaRoo infant seat power supply into a wall outlet or when connecting the power cord into the base of the seat are normal. The mamaRoo contains capacitors – electronic storage devices – that charge when first plugged in. The action of plugging in the power supply, draws a brief burst of power that can cause a momentary spark.

If you notice continuous sparking or smoke at anytime you should contact a certified electrician immediately to have your house and wall outlet inspected.